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Creative Humanitarian and Dedicated Worker

By Emily Garcia


Eva Alten has worked toward her college degree while balancing school, work and maintaining a 3.71 GPA. Alten is a senior at Texas State University, majoring in mass communication with a minor in art.


Besides working in retail and the food industry, Alten likes to spend her free time outdoors practicing her photography skills and yoga. Alten enjoys photography and said, “I have not taken a photography class since high school, but I still know all the basics.” Alten became a certified yoga instructor in May 2020. 

As a perfectionist, Alten has high expectations of herself and strives to do the best in everything she does. Whether it’s in the classroom or at work, Alten fulfills all duties with the maximum effort. With many completed hours doing community service, Alten has learned the importance of helping others and taking time to help those in need. 

Alten has learned numerous things while working four different jobs over the years. Alten’s past jobs taught her quality customer service skills and ways to exceed all expectations. “I learned to look for ways I can go above and beyond the expectations of my job,” Alten said. Alten’s favorite job is her current one at Hobby Lobby because it’s a great environment and she gets to work with great people. Alten plans to continue to strive for success not only in a professional aspect, but life in general. 

Alten wishes for a career in the future where she can excel in creating great content to share with the world.  Alten can bring problem-solving, organization, teamwork and creativity to the work force when she enters. With experience in multiple Adobe programs, Alten also brings technological understanding as well. Any route that Alten decides to take in the future will be a path towards success. 

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